ATYP has been bridging the divide between young people and professional theatre practice since 1963. As Australia’s oldest and largest youth theatre company, it is driven to create work that impacts the way young people engage with theatre nationally. Making it both a grassroots bastion and professional beacon.

From educational programs to creative workshops, this Sydney institution encourages young people to get involved in theatre, helps them develop storytelling skills, and ultimately supports them in bringing their ideas to the main stage.




The brand focuses on the idea of “stages of development” – which speaks to educating and encouraging young people but also to bringing stories of youth to the stage, by visually representing the process in creating theatre.

Young people – as the protagonists – are framed front and centre as unequivocal focal points. Typography is bold and enigmatic, broken up to emphasise the notion of ‘work-in-progress’. Layers of information add a sense of depth, suggesting there is more than immediately meets the eye. 

Studio: Interbrand / Photography: Susannah Wimberley