Shimell and Madden


Shimell and Madden

Shimell and Madden is the collaboration of London based jewellers: Luke Shimell and Emma Madden. Emma’s expertise is in craft and conceptual design, while Luke's extensive experience as a goldsmith enables him to develop their designs into intricate pieces of exactitude.

'Resolutely modernist, their work is abstract and linear, yet alive with rhythmic energy, resonating with the dignity of ancient architecture and the purity of classical geometry.' - Vivienne Becker, Financial Times



The iconic ampersand focuses the identity on the idea of collaboration, whilst paying homage to the fiercely geometric nature of the pairs work.

The collaborative nature of this brand was further developed by working with Robert Holmkvist to produce the typeface ‘Cuboid’, inspired by Shimell and Maddens latest collection.

Typography: Robert Holmkvist / Photography: Emma Dalzell / Set Design: Lora Avedian