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Hearing Australia

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Hearing Australia

Hearing Australia (previously Australian Hearing) has been providing world-leading research and hearing services to Australians for over 70 years. Despite this, the brand was failing to reflect the progressive spirit and innovation practices that sat at the core of the business.

Additionally, the industry of hearing loss had become a symbol of ageing and negativity. Hearing loss is scary and intimidating; we needed to change the conversation, and Hearing Australia was to become the lighthouse brand to do so.



We developed a brand strategy and identity focused on ‘Celebrating Sound’. Working closely with Hearing Australia, we used this idea to inspire every aspect of our brand. A brand where you could hear, see and feel the sound. A brand built by sound.

Sound inspires a suite of two and three dimensional motion forms. Sound can be seen in our photography and illustrations. Sound informs the materials in our centres and the texture of our uniforms. Sound is at the heart of every decision we’ve made.

Studio: Landor Sydney

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