IR is a tech company with a product called Prognosis. It’s designed to make IT systems simpler, but the thing is, the product and the problems it solves are pretty complicated.

In a nutshell, Prognosis is a piece of software that improves the systems that underpin our enterprises, workplaces and everyday lives. It helps call centres maintain good voice quality, payment technology (like PayPass) run smoothly and can even prevent hackers from accessing your details.



Metaphors are used to explain the complex, multifaceted business problems in an accessible, interesting way. Dots and dashes, punctuated with colour were designed to help tell these stories of optimisation – blue represents ‘optimal’, while red represents ‘sub-optimal’.

With their new optimised identity, IR can explain what they do more easily, so more people can benefit from everything they offer.

Studio: Interbrand